The Challenge

Trying something new is like exercising a muscle. It takes repetition. Practice. Commitment. Focus. Then this new way of being or moving will begin to incorporate into your life in many ways. You’ll use that muscle more and more. This page is dedicated to working our muscles, trying new things, and experimenting to see if little changes can make a profound difference in your life:

Exercise 1:

Is there something that you would LOVE someone else to do for you? Run a bath, bring flowers, donate money to a cause, clean the litter box? Do that thing same for someone else!

Exercise 2:

Similar to Exercise 1 but the inverse. Do something for someone else and pick something that would be meaningful to that other person but that you couldn’t care less about. For example, you don’t care if the dog has a bath but your wife would love it! Do that. You don’t really want to go to a football game- it’s sooo cold out. But your husband would love it! Do that. AND REMEMBER, don’t do it and then complain or feel like you are owed something!